Paint Correction and Opticoat Specialist


We are proud to offer Optimum Opticoat clear coat (CC) service!  This is a permenant ploymer based clear coat.

You read it right. Optimum Opti-Coat 2.0 is a permanent coating that protects automotive paint over its lifetime! Unlike a wax or sealant, Optimum Opti-Coat 2.0 will not wash or wear off. It acts as a second layer of clear coat which provides increased protection against the elements.  This service is availble only with our Sunset Paint Correction service as the car has to be as close to flawless as possible before this amazing product can be applied!  This product last for years, repeals dirt, water and harsh elements, shines better than most waxes and best of all, you will never have to wax your car again!  When you want to get serious about protecting your luxury vehicle or high end sports car, this service is exactly what you are looking for!



Sunset Detailing OC specializes in Paint Correction Detailing.  Paint Correction is necessary in order to avoid costly damage to your vehicle’s clear coat and keep your finish swirl and scratch free!  We also offer standard detailing services when you want to get your vehicle looking beautiful and new again.  Please take a look and our services and feel free to give us a call at 714-616-9990 for any questions you may have!

Services at a Glance:

Sunset OC’s Paint Correction Service – This is our signature service!  Paint Correction will remove swirls, scratches and imperfections from your vehicle’s paint and return it to a showroom finish.  This type of detail is a must to avoid oxidation and for vehicle’s with high end finishes, such as luxury vehicle’s and sports cars.  This is also the idea detail for vehicles that are shown at competitive events.
  • We start this detail  by giving the  vehicle a complete wash using Optimum rinse-less wash, which allows us to clean more thoroughly and safely than water and soap alone, and allows our detailers to inspect the paint much more closely for any scratches and defects.
  •  We then Clay bar the vehicle to remove as much ground in surface contaminants as possible.
  • This is when the magic starts!  We Paint Correct the vehicle using a D/A Random Orbital Polisher, that is very safe and highly effective for removing swirls and scratches from the paint.  We start off by determining which polishing compound is appropriate for the vehicle and which correction pad to use.  Once these have been determined, we get to work removing the swirls  scratches and years of wear and tear on the vehicle and start to return it to its showroom condition. 
  • After the major swirls and damage is removed we use a lighter cutting pad and polish to remove the finer swirls and scratches and bring out the paints true shine.
  • The third polishing step comes next and will ensure that any light swirls/scratches are fully removed and the paint is as brilliant as possible.
  • Once the vehicle is as free of scratches and swirl as possible, we apply the Opticoat formula in two stages to ensure maximum protection and coverage.
  • Please call for pricing 
Because we only offer paint correction and ceramic clear coating services, we are able to maintain a lower overhead, which allows us to offer highly competitive prices.  It also means that we have thousands of man hours of experience doing one thing, removing swirls, scratches, blemishes and applying ceramic clear coats, to ensure that your vehicle looks the absolute best it can for years to come!